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Data Management

Our data management capabilities include acquisition, harmonization, and optimization of large datasets.

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We analyze the data and draw connections to help you grasp the underlying dynamics.

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Data Visualization

We use visual elements like graphs, charts, and maps to reveal patterns, trends, and correlations that help you understand and interpret complex datasets quickly and intuitively.

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Healthcare Expertise

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Managed Care Digest Series®

Since 1987, the nationally renowned Managed Care Digest Series has provided the healthcare industry with actionable data on and analysis of the continuing evolution of U.S. healthcare and its effects on utilization, cost, and outcomes.

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TRICARE Report to Congress

Since 2006, Forte Analytics has helped produce the annual TRICARE Report to Congress. This report plays a vital role in the oversight, evaluation, and improvement of the TRICARE program, ensuring that it continues to meet the healthcare needs of military personnel and their beneficiaries.
Vector image of 3d pie chart, books, calculator, and data report

The advanced data analytics we brought to IDN customers via Forte enabled us to show them the benchmarks they didn’t have. It not only validated their current understanding—that the healthcare system treated a sizable population with an unmet need—it also helped them identify further barriers to care for these patients. This data allows us to provide customers with information about their markets and patients that they do not know and could not access otherwise.  The actionable insights ultimately helped us align on an area of focus for the access to therapy that we could collaborate on to resolve.

National Account Director – Global Pharmaceutical Company

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