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Although some regard email newsletters as dinosaurs—having given way to push notifications, news feeds, and social media platforms—they are a uniquely effective way of connecting with your audience, especially for marketing and employee communications. In fact, according to one study of the media habits of global business executives, 94% of the 1,357 leaders surveyed got news through email newsletters.

To make this type of email communication engaging for your audience—and worthwhile for your business—consider using the following best practices when creating your next newsletter:

  • Ensure that your content is informative and concise—stay on topic, summarize where appropriate, and link out to longer sources and articles
  • Design the newsletter to be short and simple—keep graphics clean and use plenty of white space
  • Code and optimize your content for viewing across devices, from mobile to desktop
  • Send your newsletters consistently—set a regular cadence and stick to it

Let Forte’s content, design, and coding experts put these best practices to work for your next newsletter!